Aligned action with your higher self is the key to living a happy and guided life. I take you on the journey to yourself through this new and unique program I uncovered. Learn to Harness the Power of the Invisible and Become your Higher Self.










This is a one-of-a kind brand new program. There's nothing else out there like it! 


This program is designed to:

  • Transform you from the inside out.

  • Teach you the design of all 3 aspects of yourself.

  • Align you with your life so you can relax into the flow.

  • Teach you how to live in alignment and in harmony with your higher mind/higher self. 

  • Feel supported and guided through life at every moment. 

  • Show you your life path and watch it unfold right before you. 

  • Have a good understanding of what blocks might be your way as you travel to success. 

  • Send you to a feeling of "home" within yourself.

  • Revitalize your energy so you can use it to focus on what matters.

  • Teach you how to listen to your higher self.

  • How to take aligned action based on your path, purpose and passion.

  • And much more!


"I'm fully empowered and blessed to be able to choose how I want my day to go. I never knew how to do this before I did this program and I never knew there were aspects of my mind that have specific jobs. I was assigning the wrong jobs to the  parts of myself that are literally not designed to function the way I was demanding they function. Now I know better and I couldn't be more happier with my life right now. Ever since I met Lora and finished this program, I've felt in complete alignment,  whole, and I'm no longer hard on myself or my own worst enemy." -Debra V.

"I wish I would have started with this program when I was out seeking myself and trying to find my life path. There is no other program like it and no other program could live up to the same results I had in just a few short days. I was going through some dramatic changes in life and I was completely at peace after the first session. Lora is absolutely correct when she says we don't and can't learn this stuff in any other school. The curriculum she's put together is one of a kind and should be taught in every educations system." -Dean J. 

"When I met Lora I was so lost in life. I had a habit of negative thinking and getting stuck in those patterns. I not only learned why this happened for me but also how to correct it. Now I travel around the world, live the life of my dreams and am truly walking my life path with higher guidance." -Anna R.



We've all gone through life learning from our elders and learning from the majority of society, but no one ever taught us who we are holistically.


Schools and primary educational systems teach us to ultimately feel universally unsupported.

We didn't learn in school or anywhere else that we're guided through life. But this program teaches you exactly how to move along your life path with ease and with full, constant support.


Our government and institutions don't want us learning this, that's why it's not in schools, colleges, or higher education facilities. Once we find our true power, we can no longer be controlled.  And the outside institutions have to face what they fear most: individuals no longer fearing them and we learn know they're not so powerful at all.


School programs are designed to keep us in our heads. They're designed to disconnect us from who we truly are. And they're more focused on turning us into factory workers and consumers.  Governmental agencies keep us distracted with news and any "current issues" to keep us divided and focused on whats outside of us. 


Some people feel this happening and retreat from the systems, but most are taught to trust it. It's usually not until later in life when we hit a wall and everything  we've been taught seems to backfire. All our learned skills eventually fail at providing us with the happiness as we were promised early on.


There is a life beyond consumerism, beyond the mundane, and beyond what we've been taught by traditional education, government and society. We are much more powerful than we're told and it's time we take the world by storm and begin sharing this information with the public. It's time we have a new education system to teach us what we've been distracted from our entire lives.


This program does just that.



From Lora:

 "I went from being lost in over-thinking, feeling frustrated and hopeless about what I needed and wanted to do with my life. After I figured out this new approach to finding myself, I transformed from the inside out and learned how to follow my guidance and live from a peaceful life of flow. I now feel fully supported as I navigate life with fun, excitement, and joy! There's never a dull moment and I'm always amazed at what life brings to me each day."- Lora Perry

There is no better time than now to  leave behind what no longer serves you, and come into alignment with your power. 

Claim your spot, this online class fills up fast!


Here's How This Program  Works...

1. You'll learn to distinguish which part of you is responsible for which "jobs".

  • Learn the design. Go from unknowing to knowing. 

  • Understand the design. Go from listening to understanding. 

  • Integrate the knowledge. Go from Knowing to Doing.


2. Assign the jobs to the proper parts of you through your awareness.

  • Relax & Allow. Go from controlling to moving with the flow of life. 

  • Energize. Go from fatigue exhaustion to energized. 

  • Language. Learn the language of the different parts of you as a holistic being. 

3. Harmonize with your higher mind bringing yourself back into alignment      and balance.

  • Aware. Becoming aware of your true and fully supportive guidance. 

  • Relevant. Notice what is relevant for you in life. 

  • Action. Take the necessary actions to build momentum 


Additional Benefits of This 4-Day Program:

  • A feeling of deep connection

  • An alignment and harmony with your higher self

  • A huge relief of letting go of all the things you thought you were responsible for, but are not!

  • A clear understanding of what your job actually is

  • A clear understanding of what your higher self is responsible for

  • A clear understanding of how your higher self guides you and communicates with you

  • The tools to begin to create and live an extraordinary life

  • The tools to being to create and live a creative life full of adventure

  • Meet like-minded people

  • And so much more!


This Program takes place over 4-days. Sessions are group sessions which take place 1 hour a day each day via Zoom. Space is limited.



Tuesday Through Friday 11 a.m- 12 p.m. PST










$97/one-time payment


  • 4, 1-hour online group coaching sessions via Zoom
  • 30 Days Access to The Final Phoenix Online Community
  • Free Subscription to The Final Phoenix Monthly Newsletter


  • 30 Days Full Access to the "3 Types of Thought" Self-Study Course. $99 Value
  • Access to All Live Audio Recordings of Each Session for 30 Days
  • 20% off all other programs 

Live From Your Highest Potential.


Become Your Higher Self.