Why Emotional Trauma Happens (Part 1)

anxiety ptsd trauma Oct 26, 2022
Why Emotional Trauma Happens

Why Emotional Trauma Happens Part 1 

Two primary issues happen when one endures emotional trauma or an emotionally traumatic experience. First, we’ll talk about the first issue (#1). 

The first primary issue that occurs when one endures energetic/emotional trauma, is that the person absorbs an amount of energy that is not passed through the body. The body is naturally equipped with mechanisms such as a shaking and breathing pattern to help the body shake off and release this energy. When working properly the energy system, nervous system, and biological chemical systems return back to a neutral and normal state and life goes on as usual. 

When this natural mechanism of “shaking off the energy and breathing” is not working properly or is malfunctioning for any reason whatsoever, the body absorbs the energy instead of the energy being released. This leads to imbalances in the energetic system. Imbalances to the energetic system lead to imbalances of the chakra system (large energy centers), the chemical system, and therefore, the bodily organs and health and function of the body as a whole. 

Since this energy has no exit plan, mechanism, or back-up method to turn to, it then floats around the body ungrounded, thus causing havoc to the entire nervous system and the entire chakra system.

The symptoms of this fluid/floating energy often include post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and other energetic imbalances. Although PTSD and Anxiety affects the nervous system, diaphragm, lungs, muscles, and every part of the body including causing inflammation in the body, PTSD and Anxiety are generally experienced cognitively in the higher energy center near the brain, and in the brain because there is an electrical (energetic) storm going on. This is why confusion, overthinking, overwhelm, and the inability to make clear decisions are common symptoms.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) goes much deeper and is much more dynamic in addition to energy moving around the body internally. It also affects past, present, future relationships and perceptions of time as one tends to “re-experience” the energy (situation, event) over and over again with little rest. I’ll expand more on this in later articles. 

This fluid/floating energy that tends to move freely through the body can also find “static/non-moving” space(s) to reside and nest in within the body. Dense energies such as this are the root cause of all illnesses, including cancer. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and other experts have found that there really is no “cancer gene”. And experts such as Brad Nelson have discovered which internal organs are responsible for creating energy/emotion and which specific illnesses arise from each type of energy & emotion. 

This “fluid/floating or stuck/static” dense energy is often created from or caused by an internal source such as the amygdala in the brain. The amygdala has a reputation for extending a large amount of condensed energy and prompting chemicals such as adrenaline to provide the body with the ability to run away from danger. Part of the confusion in today’s society is the stress we endure does not often involve a tiger or a lion, so our conscious understanding to “run” away from seemingly “nothing” is distorted and our natural mechanisms tend to get confused and malfunction.  Thus, the energy and trigger to act is produced yet, we do not use the energy to run as the biological system has designed it to be used. Instead, it becomes trapped. 

Other energy that can be absorbed through a traumatic experience can be absorbed from an external source, such as the energy from an impact, negative/dense energy absorbed from another person or, even negative and dense energy created by our own internal mechanics such as added energy from negative thinking, energy produced by our own organs, and/or a combination thereof. 

As it has been shown that our own organs produce various frequencies of energy/emotion ranging from low vibrational energy to high vibrational energy (all ranges and spectrums of emotion). When heavy energies are combined with a negative thought, the thought becomes heavy and toxic to the biological, mental, chemical and spiritual aspects of our being. This can be problematic when we are trying to heal in a toxic situation or with little self-love or little self-compassion. When we are hard on ourselves, healing takes longer simply because of the thoughts we are thinking, the emotions that are created from the thoughts, and whether we believe these thoughts and emotions to be True. After all, thoughts create emotion and our emotions create our experience of life.

Thought -> Emotion = Experience (more can be viewed in this short video)

Overall, It doesn’t necessarily matter where the energy came from or how it got into the body, it’s all energy and the solution is to work it out of your system so your chemical system, energy system, nervous system, organs, and body as a whole can come back into balance and restore back to it’s healthy state. 

It also doesn't matter if the energy built up over time or was absorbed in 1 swift instance, or if you have no idea where it came from or what caused it. It's all energy. 

It’s also important to understand that no energy is declared or judged as being “bad” as all energy is on a spectrum as either positive or negative; high vibrational or low vibrational.

The human body, mind, and spirit performs optimally when it’s in or subjected to its natural state of high vibrational energy and the natural flow of energy. Everything is made up of energy and all energy is meant to flow, not stagnate.

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-Lora Perry

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