Why Emotional Trauma Happens (Part 2)

anxiety present moment ptsd trauma Nov 18, 2022

Recently, I wrote about the 2 Occurrence's that happen from a emotionally traumatic event(s). Essentially (WHY) trauma happens and (WHAT) Happens from trauma, the mechanics of. You can read part 1 of this article here. 

Read to the end to learn more about what can occur spiritually even without enduring emotional trauma.

Healing is possible because I went through everything in Part 1 and Part 2 of this article and if I can get through it, anyone can. Not only did I get through it and heal, I'm living a life I yearned for but could never quite imagine how it would ever be possible for me. I couldn't imagine not suffering, I couldn't imagine any bliss, joy or higher quality of life...I couldn't imagine anything but merely surviving. But deep down, I knew anything was possible. And it is. 

The second occurrence from trauma is an energetic and a spiritual occurrence.  This occurrence happens when a traumatic experience is so severe, that the spirit/energetic essence of a person is attempting to escape the physical body, the physical plane and go “home” to a perceivable safer space, place, atmosphere and/or environment.

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed, It Can Only Be Misplaced. Or is it Our Conscious Awareness of The Energy That is Misplaced?

I have contemplated whether is it a loss of conscious awareness of our entire spiritual energy (as a whole), or an actual misplacement of spiritual energy. Nevertheless, regardless of which actually occurs scientifically, the symptoms are the same and the "how to" re-integrate your spirit is the same. Meaning: the diagnosis may be different but the symptoms and treatment are identical, so I will explain it as an actual misplacement of spirit because that is what it felt like for me when I experienced it.

I talk a bit about conscious awareness in this The Final Phoenix Podcast Episode 1.

My Experience from trauma is that an aspect of my spirit escaped to a place of higher vibration so I was not very present in the physical life. There were years I spent living in a spiritual-like trance, not quite able to understand why I suffered so much daily and why I couldn't figure out how to live a practical life or organize my thoughts to complete mundane, everyday tasks without struggle. Among other symptoms, I struggled processing my emotions and staying present once I could found my bearings again. My ability to operate in a human world was constantly fleeting.

After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but to be all spiritual and not be capable to access and live the "human" experience fully, can be problematic. Although I could fully perceive the human condition and all of it's challenges, I struggled to combine being a physical being into my spiritual existence on this physical and dense energy plane. It was very hard for me to take consistent action on most things. And nearly impossible to align myself with any clear understanding of my goals, long term or short term.

When trauma happens, this aspect or aspects of our spirit does seemingly escape this physical plane, although not completely, there are always energy strings pulling the spirit back. And your entire spirit does not vacate. So I like to think of it more as a "stretched out" aspect of our spirit which is always trying and wanting to get itself back to you, it's just a little scared to come back.

This misplacement of spirit leads to a complicated combination of symptoms which make living life fully in this physical and dense plane complicated and often painful.

Although these symptoms can be caused by many issues, the main symptoms of spiritual “vacation” (to vacate) are:

  • A legitimate feeling of “loss of spirit”

 A feeling that something is missing within but you can’t quite explain it. Usually includes a drop in energy, passion, and a lack of uplifting feelings and uplifting emotions. You feel like you've lost a part of yourself.

  • Depression

Your being is needing a deep-rest, and the depression doesn’t seem to be lifting no matter how much you rest. 

  • Consistently ungrounded

We tend to get caught up in our psychology so much so that we don’t stay on solid ground. When we aren’t on solid ground, we can’t build a structure of strength and stability within ourselves.

  • Challenges processing emotions

Trying to purge unwanted emotions from your energy field but having a difficult time doing so consistently or at all.

  • Overthinking

Overthinking is a method of protection. Your psychology is trying to protect you from being hurt.

  • Loss of Inspiration

Feeling uninspired to do much, if anything in life. When you may have felt bursts of inspiration and happiness in the past, you’re wondering where your inspiration went. You're not feeling inspired by anything. You can't find anything to give you a feeling of being (in-spirit).

  • Anxiety

A level of anxiety is normal for people, depending on the situations and experiences it comes from. But an overwhelming amount of anxiety is abnormal and usually caused by a deeper or greater issue.

  • Challenges staying in the present moment

Challenges staying present with other people or in the moment. It is challenging and likely impossible to have 100% of your energy and focus present when part of it is galavanting around other planes hiding or trying to stay safe.

  • Difficulty focusing

Challenges staying focused on a project, reading, or focusing on any particular thing. We can’t laser focus our energy on anything when some of our energy isn’t present to “laser focus.”

  • Detachment from emotions

If your spirit is fractured, your energy system will be off balance. Often times when our energetic system is off balance, it can be challenging to feel everything that's going on because of the constant demand on our nervous system. So we'll either try to feel everything and become triggered and overwhelmed often, or we'll try to shut the system off to gain some relief.

  • Fragmented or Feeling Un-whole

Feeling like a part of you is missing, or that your spirit is broken or fractured. 

  • Avoidance

When we go into full-on protection mode, we tend to go into avoidance mode as well. We will try to avoid any potential hurtful situation. We will avoid things that feel hurtful, even if that means looking into ourselves. The down side of this is that we will also avoid any new experiences, new feelings, and new thoughts. This also leads to avoiding (although not entirely intentionally) to growth and healing. When we avoid the things we "think" might hurt us, we also end up avoiding the things that might be the best thing that ever happened for us. Life is always happening for us, so avoiding showing up blocks everything from coming to us. Not just the bad, but the good and the bad. 

  • Fear

We can often find ourselves living in a state of repetitive fearful thinking. This can lead to all the things I wrote in Part 1 of this article, including PTSD, Panic Attacks, Dissociative Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks, Etc.

  • Disconnection from your body 

Struggles with coordination, and an inability seeing your body in "space and time", not being able to use your imagination to understand the movements of your body (or movements of another person). Not "feeling your body", like muscle soreness, difficulties being aware of your body through conscious movement. Bodily movements consists of creating neuro-pathways from the body to the brain and from the brain to the body. New programming can be challenging (like learning yoga, or martial arts) when the neuropathways have been electrically challenged. 

  • Inflammation in the body and brain

Inflammation in the body and brain is a sure sign of anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma on the system. Trauma can cause inflammation and inflammation can cause symptoms similar to trauma. Inflammation in the body and/or brain can cause a multitude of health issues.

The Illusion of Losing Spirit Somewhere Within The Illusion of Time

It's not uncommon for a tragic or traumatizing event to "seemingly" hold aspects of a person's spiritual essence within the moment of their personal development. For example, a child who was traumatized at age 8 will often find challenges maturing every aspect of their psychology through adulthood. Since the psychology of the child is stunted, the spiritual growth, consciousness and awareness of the person will also be stunted in some ways. Often times, some mannerisms and coping skills of this adult will be of that of an 8 year old child.  Time does not really exist so it is not a misplacement of the spirit within the illusion of time, but rather, a misplacement of spirit caused by a traumatic or hurtful experience. Commonly, when a child endures trauma, as an adult, they have no or little comparison to what it feels like to access their entire spirit, so they can be completely unaware of a lack of their spiritual energy flowing through them. Healing is always possible, but with all aspects of our growth, there must be a want for something new.

Another example is if a tragic or traumatizing event happens to a 35 year old. Some of their psychology and spirit may seemingly be stuck in that "experience" even though it was during that stage of development when the event for "an aspect of spiritual vacation" to occur.  If this hasn't been resolved, as the adult's psychology matures, they may carry with them a perceived need to be on high alert to avoid any other possibility of being hurt in the same way. Their psychology will include multiple protection methods and walls of protection. Some of this is natural protection, some of it is natural learned wisdom, but the most painful parts of this is loss of spirit, and often times this leads to difficulty or an inability to process the emotions related to the event in addition to all other symptoms listed above.

Since adults usually have accessed their entire being spiritually at some point in their lives, they can be aware of the loss or disconnection to spirit. There is a "before trauma" and an "after trauma" they can recall and see that the possibility of something new and a desire for something better is possible. This desire gives one hope and awareness. With this awareness alone, healing can happen instantaneously.

Calling Your Spirit Back

Shamans use methods of journeying to locate these parts of your spirit and reintegrate them with your being. But you don't need a shaman to do this on your own. 

In order to call your spirit back, all you need is to demand that your spirit come back to you. You can use language such as "I demand you come back and complete this life journey with me." or "I need you to be here with me. I will love and protect you from further harm. And I demand you be here…NOW!" Be serious.

The important factor here is that you Demand your spirit to come back. Your intention with your demand is key. It's not simply the words you’re using but the energy you’re feeling when you're calling your spirit back. If you want that aspect of your spirit to be with you on this life journey along this physical plane, you must mean it with your demands. That alone will call it back but you may talk to it and apply words of comfort, love and safety as well.  

I mean, you've got to really demand it! You didn't come here to live this life without these parts of yourself. You need this/your spiritual energy to help you function, so you can call make all the stops you've agree to make in life. It may be an aspect of your inner child, teen or adult. But nevertheless it is from this lifetime and no other.  You don't have to know which to demand it back to you, you just have to demand it and mean it. Make your demands meaningful. 

Lastly, something which can happen to us even without a traumatic experience is a loss of connection to spirit, a loss of our awareness of connection to spirit. Spirit, resides in and through everything. Spirit is divine energy which gives everything LIFE. Spirit, flows through the plants, the water, the air, the animals, and even you. You are spirit. Spirit animates everything and brings everything to life. 

Look around and you will begin to witness and then experience this energy flowing through you again. 

Sending you love, light, and healing,

Lora Perry

You can read part 1 of this article here. 

The Final Phoenix Podcast Episode 1


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