Conscious Co-Working

"Bridging Spirituality and Business to Elevate Your Societal Impact."

Conscious Co-Working is on a mission to empower 'New Earth Entrepreneurs' by bridging the gap between spirituality and business. Our goal is guide conscious entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, make a positive impact in society, and achieve authenticity, abundance, clarity, freedom, and success. By doing so, we believe that we contribute to a more purposeful and harmonious world where conscious entrepreneurship is the key to sustainable transformation.

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Building Your Soul-Business

If you're called to create a conscious business, you're a way maker of the new earth. You're meant to deepen your understanding and relationship with yourself as well as assist and influence the world around you through impact. 

No matter where you're at on your journey or what may or may not be holding you back, you're stepping into your highest timeline by responding to the call on your very own journey. 

You've been called to co-create and co-working with the universe and the conscious collective. 


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Learn the Top 3 Thing You Need to Know Along Your Soul-preneurial Business Journey

Did you get the call? The call to step into a higher timeline? A higher expression of yourself?  I'm here to help! Start by learning the top 3 things you need to know first!

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Hi! My name is Lora and I’m a Conscious Transformational Business Coach. This means I help conscious entrepreneurs like you learn how to take the necessary and guided steps to achieve success in your life. For years, I’ve been assisting and guiding conscious creators and heart-centered business owners like you tap into the infinite wisdom that is available to each of us.

When building a business, we often find ourselves in various situations such as information overload, overwhelm, lack of clarity and confusion. We also experience feelings of being lost, stuck, not knowing where to start or which step to take to progress in the right direction.

This can lead to more feelings of lack of self-worth, low self-esteem and a negative perpetual cycle of trying but never doing. 

As a conscious creator myself, I struggled with these challenges and learned how to overcome them by tapping into my own guidance and universal guidance to know which steps I needed to take next.

The guidance from my soul and the collective has far more knowledge than my ego does! Thus, depending on the right parts of me in order to build, grow, and create in business not only lifted the burdens of stress, overwhelm, and overthinking… it led me to having the perfect amount of challenge mixed with the fun

I needed to incorporate into my journey. Since, I've been coming into my highest expression of myself from a place of joy, ease, comfort and flow!

Along my journey as a business coach, I see the same struggles in conscious entrepreneurs today. They have the perfect ingredients to succeed but have not yet learned the perfect recipe to live the life they're working so hard to build. 

Once I learned the recipe, I started helping others along their entrepreneurial journey with great success, and guiding them to a place of home within their hearts & minds!

We often sell ourselves short and misunderstand what kind of success and happiness is actually possible for each of us. I’m excited to share this knowledge and journey with you!

With this membership you'll have a continued experience and practice as you learn to tap into your own inner guidance and find the peaceful space of home within you to take yourself and your business to its highest expression.

You'll finally have the tools you need to bring your highest expression and best life into a focused reality.

Along this journey, we laugh together, we cry together, we grow together and we learn together.

We share our insights, ask for clarity and sit in a loving universal vibe of unwavering support. 

We laugh together, we cry together, we grow together and we learn together. In this sacred and safe space, your consciousness takes charge and calms your mind, your body and your spirit.

You get to experience who you really and truly are underneath all the mind chatter. 

In this sacred and safe space, your consciousness takes charge and calms your mind, your body and your spirit.

Each day you release what you no longer need to take with you so you can access the still quiet parts of you that are guiding you internally and externally.

This safe and sacred space is one of community, encouragement, empowerment and a unique combination of pure love and spirit that is sure to life you up to new places in life.

Each moment, you're co-creating and co-working with the universe and the conscious collective. In this Conscious Co-Working membership, You'll learn the in's and out's of business and marketing re-defined and explained through a spiritual lens. With step-by-step lessons, and how-to in our Conscious Co-Working business classes and workshops. 

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