Spiritual Mind Coaching

The Ultimate in Skill for the Maintenance of Peace

About Spiritual Mind Coaching

Spiritual Mind Coaching is practical training programs and courses such as mindfulness, yoga, martial arts, and meditation. 

The key word for Spiritual Mind Coaching is training and practice in relation to self-mastery.

As you know, regular practice at any skill allows us to master it and then have it accessible to us when we need it most.

Spiritual Mind Coaching is designed exactly for this purpose. 

This coaching and training empowers you with the skills necessary to navigate life with ease, clarity, and peace. 

These courses are designed to elevate you further and provide you with the necessary skills to harness your own power and empower you with what you need for your self-mastery journey.

Learn more about the available courses offered in this program below.

Transformational Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is imperative to create a peaceful experience of living. Bringing you into the present moment, mindfulness allows you to heal, receive insights, and gain clarity and perspective of your life in a new way.

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UBY 30 is an all-inclusive 30-day yoga course designed for the beginner. This course is an in-depth transformational course that will guide you through intense healing, and insight. By the end of this course you'll have met parts of yourself you longed to meet, healed places you couldn't reach before and, you'll have a personally designed yoga practice you can build upon for life.  

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