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Upcoming Events:

Get ready to deepen your spiritual understanding and connect with like-minded individuals! There are a variety of exciting and educational spiritual and universal events and workshops on the horizon that are sure to be enlightening and transformative. From workshops and memberships to guest speaker series and like-minded communities, there is something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting out on your spiritual journey, these events will provide you with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with others.

So mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired and uplifted as you explore new perspectives and gain new insights into the world of spirituality and universal knowledge. Get ready for  amazing experiences along your journey!

Your Magical Mind. Become Your Higher Self.

This is a 4-day event starting 4/4/23 through 4/7/23 11am-12pm PST


The Final Phoenix Coaching

Spiritual Mind Coaching with Lora Perry, Universal Knowledge Specialist

Spiritual mind coaching is a form of transformative coaching that focuses on helping individuals tap into their inner wisdom, connect with their higher purpose, and achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment and well-being... 


Are you ready to level up?

This coaching is transformational. Meaning, it's designed to transform you from the inside out.  With The Final Phoenix & The Inner Circle Group Online Coaching, you get to experience:

­čîčEffortlessly stepping into success, step by step with ease, simplicity, and pleasure

­čîčEffortless being who you are and who you are meant to be

­čîčEffortlessly doing tasks and learning how to discern how to prioritize whats important vs what isn't

­čîčEffortlessly living a pleasant life

­čîčLearning how to access your super powers and the well of wisdom you are a part of

­čîčFeeling in alignment with your highest life path

­čîčReduced stress and increased relaxation and peace

­čîčEasily moving from one change to the next regardless how big they are

­čîčImproved experience and enjoyment of life 

­čîčA richer, deeper more experience of life

­čîčLearn universal knowledge that is applicable to everything and everyone

­čîčLearn the principles in life that allow you to relax your shoulders and understand what you are responsible for in this lifetime, and what you are not responsible for

­čîčAlign with your passion and your purpose

­čîčAccessing your life guidance and divine support

­čîčCreating and maintaining a healthy relationship and understanding of your higher mind

­čîčBe part of an online supportive group/community full of like-minded individuals

­čîčand so much more....!



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