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As an intuitive and transformational  coach, I help people align with the highest expression of themselves as to co-create a more passion and purpose driven world. 

Whether your moving through a big transition in life, big changes, taking small steps toward change, seeking your passion and purpose, releasing what no longer serves you, or moving through spiritual awakening and ascension, my in-person and online classes, community, and self-study courses are available to help you through this process in a heartfelt, caring, and supportive way. 

Life has a way of facing us with challenges which in turn help us develop our strengths, our weaknesses, and our character. We're meant to pass through difficulties and be stronger afterwards, in compassion, forgiveness, and humility. As you overcome  challenges and navigate through the phases of your own life, you move through your own evolution, learn more about who you are and you get to know yourself in a deeper way. 

Through the ebbs and flows of releasing the heavy and embracing the light, often times we find ourselves struggling to come into fruition. But we can instead do this with ease, flow, grace, self-love, non-judgement, gentleness, and compassion for ourselves. 

As you develop in your own unique path toward your most authentic, and highest self, you step into a purpose and passion bigger than yourself. Your purpose is your passion and your passion is your purpose. When you come into full alignment with your purpose, you also help guide others in the ways you need to, all the while stepping into your fullest potential and helping others achieve theirs.

Just like a sunflower in full bloom, you are meant to bloom and shine.

It's my purpose and my passion to walk this sacred path of service.  

What's on Offer?

For years, I've been helping individuals through a process of self-discovery, self development, spiritual ascension, and guiding them to the path to themselves and to their highest potential so they too can live out their passion and a life full of love, joy, and excitement.

Through my transformational guidance, coaching and teaching, I help you create a life of abundance, purpose and passion while leaving self-doubt and confusion behind for good. My sacred service and teaching is designed to be enlightening and to bring you home to yourself. 


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Hi! I'm Lora! After transitioning from a corporate job, I found passion in helping others be their best selves as they learn to navigate the ascension process and help them face and overcome their life challenges. Helping others overcome their life challenges allows them to follow their highest life path with direction and ease.  I believe each and every one of us has a purpose bigger than ourselves. When we move through challenges and align with this high vibrational energy called "passion" life flows, purpsoe leads, and uplifts everyone involved. I started coaching, guiding and teaching the art of self-discovery after moving through my own journey to do the same...


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Dean J.

"Working with Lora is enlightening and feels like a breath of fresh air. Coming into alignment with my energy has been uplifting to say the least. I went from feeling lost in life to present, focused, and well on my way to self-mastery." -Dean J. 

Jennifer G. 

"Lora has way of raising my consciousness so I can see solutions I wasn't able to see before. It's impossible to not make groundbreaking, positive changes within yourself when you show up for yourself." - Jennifer G.  

Anna R.

"Lora's coaching programs have changed my life for the better. Not only do I feel like a whole new person, but I am living a new, exciting life full of meaning and passion. I don't question or doubt myself anymore, I simply get to live!"

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