"No matter where you are on your journey, you can heal your past, remember who you truly are, and create a life beyond your imagination."

-Lora Perry

I had a lot to heal from, from processing my father's fatal drug overdose, my sister's suicide, a toxic 5 year relationship, loss of my self-love, self-respect, a long legal trial over assets, and constant worry about my daughter, I was lost in a world with no one to turn to. It was a struggle to even turn to myself for comfort. I was my own worst critic. 

My career overwhelmed me, I lost passion in my hobbies and my business, and just like that my entire life crumbled before my feet. 

After having to face and process this string of traumatic events, I struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD) Severe Dissociative Anxiety, General Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Memory Loss and other Trauma Related Symptoms. I was a mess, merely surviving, living in fear, and never thought I would be able to actually live or love again. The severity of trauma I endured was overwhelming. Each day for me was a struggle and my quality of life was low to non-existent. I was lost, isolated, felt alone, and in constant fear. Emotional triggers were constant and overwhelming. I tried 16 different therapies and therapists with little benefit. 

Keeping my future and my family in mind, I kept at it and  did everything in my power to learn how to heal myself. 

I sought desperately to release the darkness and come back into the light.

Understanding that healing and spiritual ascension are hand in hand, helped me understand what I can do and what I must have faith in.

From my own healing and expansion, I have stepped into an entirely new, spectacular version of who I used to be. As I take each day and honor my evolution, I use the knowledge and skills I gained to help others heal the past, own the present, and create a new future full of life, love, and peace. No matter where you are on your journey, you can heal your past, remember who you truly are, and create a life beyond your imagination.

All I can wish for anyone else going though what I went through is for them to find the same healing, peace, and love I found.

Having been there, I know what it means to suffer. Through my self-reflection and spiritual awakening, I've healed my hurts, I'm living a beautiful life full of love and adventure I never could have imagined and I've stepped onto my true path and passion in life, and that is to help others heal, grow, and expand just as I have.

Through it all, I walked through the flames and fire holding within me sacred gifts to help others. And now that fire is a light I shine onto others so they may too heal, and have a path of light to do so.

I use my gifts to heal people, show you the way, to bring light into your life, to raise your frequency, help you awaken to your full potential and travel along your life path with beauty, inspiration, and a power you never knew you had. 



  • 3 Principles ProTrain: Pransky & Assoc. La Conner, WA 
  • Certified Energy Healer, CECP
  • Certified Yoga Teacher: ShambhavAnanda Yoga, Rollinsville, CO
  • Certified Investigator/Researcher: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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