"The spirit of your business is an extension of your soul". -Lora Perry

"Action is the physical expression of passion. And there is freedom to finding that most authentic, passion driven expression of yourself. It's this kind of action, and this kind of expression, that changes the world."

-Lora Perry

Teaching and assisting the collective has has been a passion and purpose of mine my entire life. I just didn't know that's what I was doing!

I've embarked upon and loved the business, marketing and entrepreneurship arena for decades. After leaving a corporate career in the legal field and closing down my private investigation business. I found my passion and purpose in helping mission-driven individuals learn about their gifts, fully step into their passions, and teach them how to fully utilize them to make the most impact in the world. 

Every step of my life journey has prepared me for where I am now... the good, the bad, the traumatic and the ugly. In hindsight, I wouldn't be here as a guiding light without my past experiences. Nor would I have come to understand the physical and non-physical worlds as I do now. We live in a time where 5D is a new reality for us, but we're still navigating a 3D world. This means we still have purpose and experience to fulfill in this material world. 

Having a foot in 5D and a foot in 3D allows each of us to take what we've learned from the 5D and ground the thoughts, ideas and insights into the 3D as to co-create a new earth. 

We are always abundant in every way and often times we simply need to the take steps to come into alignment with everything that's trying to reach us. Economic support is just one form of abundance and although it's a hyper-focus in the western world, it's not a form to be overlooked.

I believe that when the right leaders, healers, and light workers make a lot of money, not only will they be helping a lot of people and making a big difference in the lives of others, they'll have one more tool available to them to do even more in the world.  The financial benefit is simply one side-effect of clearing energy blocks, coming into alignment with your highest expression and shining your light onto the world. It's simply a bi-product of living your highest life path. 

When each of us take the necessary steps to come into alignment with our highest expression and turn our passion into action, the spirit of our business is born into the world and shines light and healing on others

I've done this for myself, and now it's time I get to teach you, too. 

Stay inspired," - Lora



  • 3 Principles ProTrain: Pransky & Assoc. La Conner, WA 
  • Certified Energy Healer, CECP
  • Certified Yoga Teacher: ShambhavAnanda Yoga, Rollinsville, CO
  • Certified Investigator/Researcher: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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